• Fluxland
    A space for debate and discourse, Fluxland is a pioneering project which invites us to consider and interrogate notions of progress through the intersection of art, philosophy and science
  • Frontiers
    A series of gold-plated aluminium sculptures, idealising borders and stigmatising their evolutions
  • Migrants
    A metaphor of the forced voyage in the desperation for survival
  • Les Larmes de Peter Pan
    An “Ever-Neverland”, where ultimately children become aggressive against themselves and destroy what they really love
  • Exodus
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  • La Racine Perdue
    A 9 min film projected over a three paneled screen on the issues of mourning and memory
  • Subduction Zone
    An area of tectonic movements between oceanic and continental plates transformed into a metaphor for the impact that human progress has had on nature
  • Nature 05
    Diasec C-print
  • Performance
    transcend the historical context of the Second World War by conentrating on the universal process of mourning


  • Sebastian
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  • Giulia
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